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The founders of Wise Guys have together over 70 years in the restaurant and catering business. We are passionate about creating the most flavorful delightful food. The awards and accolades that both have collected over the years point towards some wonderful epicurean experiences for all who dine with us. The new line of sauce is a brilliant example of this.

Drawing on generations of pristine Italian family recipes tweaked to perfectionspearheaded by chef Louie, who has lived and breathed his marinara sauce for the last 40 yearsWise Guys are quickly becoming the talk of New England.

Our marinara sauce has been passed down from generations, our family has served this famous sauce every Sunday dinner for the last hundred years.

We invite you to try the sauce and then let us know if you agree that it's the best sauce ever!

  SauceOrder Our Famous Homemade Sauce Today

Order 3 jars (24 oz.each) of our famous Wise Guys Marinara Sauce, as seen on the Today show.

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